SI Capital and Financial Services Limited:

S.I. CAPITAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD., was established on 8th November 1994 with registered office at 64 Montieth Road, Montieth Court Building, Egmore, Chennai- 600008.

The main objectives for which the company incorporated are as follows :

  1. To carry on the business of purchasing and letting on lease or hire in any part of the country or abroad all kinds of Plants, Machinery, tools, jigs and furniture's, agricultural machinery, trawlers, vessels, barges, automobiles and vehicles of every kind and description, office equipment of every kind, computers, consumer durables of every kind, construction, machinery of all types and description, air conditioning plants, electronic equipment of all kind and description upon any terms as may be thought fit and for that purpose purchasing or otherwise acquiring dominion over the same, whether new or used rendering all financial services including financing for projects, exports and imports, acceptance of credit, invoice discounting, factoring invoices, debt collection and making of short term and long term loans.

  2. To carry on the business of technical consultants, advisors, surveyors and to render consultancy and advisory services to clients in the field of equipment leasing, manage investment pools and mutual funds and syndicate in shares, stocks and securities.

  3. To extend long or medium term loans, lease finance and/or hire purchase finance to contractors and promoters of building sites, housing sites, flats, apartments, housing colonies, educational institutions, hospitals, offices, factories, warehouses, shops, wharfs, building works. Etc.

  4. To act as Merchant Banker and to carry on the business of Issue House, managing, administering and participating in the issues of any kind or nature as Lead Manager, Co-Manager or Advisor to the Issue.

  5. To carry on the business as Authorised Dealers and / or Money Changers in Foreign Exchange and to render advisory services in all its branches including foreign exchange, export trade and setting up joint ventures abroad.

  6. To carry on the business as stock broker by becoming member of one or more stock exchanges in India and abroad and/or dealer of Over the Counter Exchange of India.

  7. To act as Registrars and Transfer agents of bodies corporate

The main business that is being carried on at present is that of authorized dealers for foreign exchange.

Board Regulations:
Directors Remuneration
Board Code of Conduct
Board Committee
Board Procedure
Changes in the Board
Nomination and Remuneration
Risk Management
Conduct for Directors & Sr. Management
Code-For Appointment of Independent Director
Code-Fair Disclosure
Code-Related Party Transaction
Code-Whistle Blower Policy
Code of Fair Disclosure

 Vigil Mechanism:

Vigil Procedure
Vigil Report Form


Our Management:

Chairman of the Board:
  • Mr. Thandassery Balachandran Ramakrishnan
  • Mr. Anil Menon
  • Mr. Ramanathan Anchery
  • Mrs. Jitha Chummar
Independent Directors:
  • Mr. Sreeram Kamalapriya Sreedharan
  • Mr. Mr. Rajesh Narayan Pillai

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Board - code of conduct:

The Company is convening required number of Board and Committee meetings during any financial year. The Notices of the Board Meeting were sent a week in advance to all the Directors to enable them to make themselves convenient to attend the Meeting. The details Agenda for the meeting along with notes if any were sent to the Directors about one week to ten days before the Meeting. The Director would give a overview of the performance of the industry, in general and the Company, in particular. The Board and committees are discharging their duties in order as per their rights and limits prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013.The Board of Directors generally reviewed the following:
  • Annual Operating plans
  • Compliance with statutory and legal requirements.
  • Adoption of quarterly un-audited financial results.
  • Funding requirements and patterns of the Company.
  • Transaction of Capital nature
  • Proceedings of the Committee Meetings

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