SI Capital and Financial Services Limited:

SI Capital and Financial Services Limited was incorporated on 8th November 1994, with its Registered Office at Chennai (Madras) and an Authorized Share Capital of Rs.3.5Crores. The Company is a Non-Banking Finance Company and provides financial services sector and business community. The Company will be taking other financial service activities in course of the next few years. The Present main activities of  SI Capital and Financial services Limited are Hire Purchase and Leasing operations.

The main objectives for which the company incorporated are To carry on the business of purchasing and letting on lease or hire in any part of the country or abroad all kinds of Plants, Machinery, tools, jigs and furnitures, agricultural machinery, trawlers, vessels, barges, automobiles and vehicles of every kind and description, office equipment of every kind, computers, consumer durables of every kind, construction, machinery of all types and description, air conditioning plants, electronic equipment of all kind and description upon any terms as may be thought fit and for that purpose purchasing or otherwise acquiring dominion over the same, whether new or used rendering all financial services including financing for projects, exports and imports, acceptance of credit, invoice discounting, factoring invoices, debt collection and making of short term and long term loans.