Chairman's Message
Vinod Manazhy Chairman

As you know, the business environment across the globe, as well as in India, is facing multiple challenges. Fortunately, our company identified it earlier and took the necessary steps to safeguard our business by creating a lot of moats around it. Constant upgrades in our core business also mitigated the threats.

Let us treat bygones as bygones.

We expect the demand to pick up significantly in the new fiscal year. We are confident in our ability to deliver superior top-line and bottom-line performance over the years to come. The most valuable part of our company is its human capital, and any plans to move our business forward commence here.

Hence, my underlying thesis is that most of the key drivers are on track and are expected to exceed the initial targets in the short to medium term.

NBFCs in the recent past have found their way after overcoming umpteen number of hurdles. In the given highly competitive environment, success is built brick by brick, and legacies are molded with perseverance.

This is our time to write a new saga of legacy.

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